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MSI GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER DirectX 12 GTX 1660 SUPER GAMING X 6GB 192-Bit GDDR6 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready Video Card


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Gaming performance and power efficiency reach new heights with this video card by MSI. It’s built using the all-new NVIDIA Turing shaders and GDDR6 memory for increased computing capability. Advanced TWIN FROZR thermal design ensures no throttling and excess noise will occur when you push it hard. When at low load, the fans will stop spinning to create completely quiet computing environment. MSI Mystic Light utility lets you create unique lighting effects while a solid backplate offers great protection for the card. Enjoy effortless monitoring and overclocking with MSI Afterburner.

Turing Shaders

Featuring concurrent execution of floating point and integer operations, adaptive shading technology, and a new unified memory architecture with twice the cache of its predecessor, Turing shaders enable awesome performance increases on today’s games. Get 1.4X power efficiency over previous generation for a faster, cooler, and quieter gaming experience.

The 16 Super Series

The GeForce GTX SUPER Series has ultra-fast GDDR6 memory, bringing you performance that’s up to 50% faster than the original GTX 16 Series and up to 2X faster than previous-generation 10 Series GPUs. It’s time to gear up and get SUPER.

Brilliant Display of Colors

Put on a colorful display using the MSI Dragon Center. Choose your unique look from millions of available colors and provide a finishing touch with any of the predefined animated effects. A fresh new look & feel is just a few clicks away. Not feeling the hype or just prefer to go dark for a bit? Turning the LEDs off is just as easy.

Thermal Compound X

Every detail counts when it comes to creating the ultimate thermal design, which is why MSI Graphics Cards use a premium thermal compound to make sure it outlives the competition.

Close Quarters Cooling

A die-cast metal sheet acts as a Close Quarters Heatsink for the memory modules and doubles as an Anti-Bending safeguard by connecting to the IO Bracket.

Visit the official manufacturer website to get the complete information and specifications of this item.

Chipset Manufacturer


GPU series

GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER


6GB 192-Bit GDDR6

Boost Clock

1830 MHz

CUDA Cores



1 x HDMI 2.0b 3 x DisplayPort 1.4


PCI Express 3.0 x16


Double Fans


Manufacturer's Warranty – 3 years

65 Reviews for
MSI GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER DirectX 12 GTX 1660 SUPER GAMING X 6GB 192-Bit GDDR6 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready Video Card

65 reviews for MSI GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER DirectX 12 GTX 1660 SUPER GAMING X 6GB 192-Bit GDDR6 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready Video Card

  1. Fullman H.

    Sent quickly, works well. Thanks

  2. Sem J.

    good. very good

  3. Phillip T7

    There’s a reason it’s one of the highest rated GPU’s of all times. Baby does everything she’s spec’s for and then some. OC doesn’t do a lot, but excellent card

  4. Den T.

    Best bang for your buck

  5. Chio R.

    Pricey as expected but excellent
    Like most video cards its obviously one of the more expensive parts of a custom build but if your on a budget and want a nice graphics card this one is the way to go

  6. Gilles L.

    Excellent 1660
    Excellent video card. Runs cool, overclock well and silent
    had this card about a month without any problems so far.

  7. Alex C.

    I tested with a few games. It slayed Doom on ultra settings and ran Ark very well on high settings. Frame rates seemed a little low trying to play Half Life Alyx on Ultra, but I didn’t have any problems on high. Overall, I’m very happy with the card.

  8. Nino V.

    Great graphics card have had it for over a year now and has ran all games I throw at it with not much trouble.

  9. Arliz M.

    Great video card, very balance price with the power.

  10. Nemo P.

    Came in once piece, bur swiftly. Was the easiest part of my computer to put together if you’re not dumb and mess up wiring like I did. However, I got it to work and it hasn’t hit above 60°C while playing GTAV on ultra. Highly recommend for a budget pc, even if it is the most expensive part.

  11. Allan D.

    Great product & delivery, thank you.

  12. Mat D.

    Love it and Love Avaxos! Easy and fast!

  13. Matty W.

    Good purchase.
    Great product. I would recommend to a friend. Great value too.

  14. Parf W.

    MSI delivers again. Card is great for what it is and being in the entry level category. Really nice packaging and some extras in the box. Plus the car looks amazing

  15. Chavez Z.

    Superb performance. In fact for the generation of cards this fits in, this is the sweet spot in regards to performance/dollar. Yes you’ll find higher performing cards out there, but you’ll have to break open the piggy bank to buy them.

  16. Rian D.

    Runs cool and quite. Very happy with performance.

  17. Mike D.

    This graphics card is not only a beauty it is a beast! I can render all games I throw at it at max settings this card will manage up to the last gigabits it’s got!

  18. Jeff T.

    I was looking for the next upgrade from my 1050ti and this was a complete overhaul. With my setup it doubled the framerate and quailty of most of my games I play. Would recommend if you’re looking for a good card to replace an older graphics card.

  19. Fetty N.

    It works better than I thought it would. Very easy to install. Would recommend this product to anyone

  20. Dustin M.

    Great card. Performs as expected. The factory overclock is great.

  21. Rob T.

    This card is a great entry/mid tier card. Given the current context of lacking GPU availability, it’s a godsend. Scarcity aside, it was a little overpriced, but works great for what it is! MSRP is way better than scalpers. Best of luck to you!

  22. Hector D.

    Quiet, works like it should
    Overall Review: Quality work and effective performance.

  23. Stephen B.

    Awesome graphics card for a mid level build I highly recommend it if you are able to get your hands on one that is.

  24. Donald T.

    Rocking mid-range card

  25. Ryan C.

    Good so far – Except for a weird noise.

    Pros: – Graphics seem good enough
    – Looks great in my setup & goes well with my MSI MPG Z490 GAMING EDGE WIFI motherboard.

    Cons: – I thought it seemed kind of loud right away, then it started making a loud sort of grinding noise. It seems to have gone away, despite me doing nothing to it
    – It ran a little hot right when I tried it out but again, it seems to have gotten better with time
    – Kind of overpriced but that’s just how the market is right now.

    Overall Review: So far I would say yes I recommend it. The issues seem to have worked themselves out, but I am keeping a watchful eye on it.

  26. Sam Sm.

    really good gpu for newbies or people who have a budget! love it

  27. Jess B.


    Pros: Is good and beauty

    Cons: Non for me

    Overall Review: Runs everything 60fps 1440 resolution and 4k 30fps, but for me is more than enough, price and performance is great, had the 2060 and is the same thing except the ray tracing that I dont need

  28. Odisseo F.

    Fair is an understatement for the price to performance ratio compared to newer cards.
    cooling system is cool… quiet and turns off when uneeded, LEDs are a nice touch too. Built sturdy to the feel, you can hold it firmly and confidently and feel safe. Overall pretty satisfied 🙂

  29. Raf T.

    Works amazing and great graphics. Fans only work when needed and very quiet.

  30. Genue W.

    Upgraded from gtx 960 to this 1660 super. And I highly recommend this card if you are looking for a decent upgrade but don’t need top of the line.

  31. Firstgam

    Great graphics card. It’s quiet and cool, doesn’t get hot at all. Great cooling system with nice RGB lights on them, and great performance to go with it. Definitely recommended.

  32. Luis J.

    Great GPU.

    Pros: -powerful enough for modern games
    -overclocks easily with afterburner
    -barely gets above 62C while overclocked to +145/+345
    -awesome 6 GB of VRAM

    Cons: None

    Overall Review: I had a GTX 760 before this and was ecstatic to be able to go from low settings in-game to almost ultra.

  33. Nesh Y.

    Great mining cards
    I use these graphics cards for mining crypto currency and they work great and use very little power

  34. Mat W.

    I have had my MSI Graphics Card for a couple of years now and have had no issues with anything besides it gets kinda hot but that is because of other things in my pc other then that i have had no problems

  35. Elvis L.

    Quality Graphics Card
    This is my first MSI product. I am very impressed with the quality of this graphics card. I am using it with two 27″ monitors and it operates flawlessly.

  36. Karl L.

    Good product!

    Pros: Easy to set up looks nice runs good

    Cons: Nothing wrong with the product

    Overall Review: Yeah it looks nice runs good so far it does the job

  37. BBox07

    Great graphics card. Gives me excellent screen graphics. Grateful for availability to Avaxos!

  38. Nick R.

    Replaced my old rx580 4gb with this graphics card. Was an awesome upgrade and glad I did. A great card for moderate to high levels of content creation as well!
    I would recommend it.

  39. Jenny R.

    Boosted the performance of my computer. replaced a GTX 1060 3 GB with this card and immediately noticed an increase in performance.
    Great Card.

  40. Katen R.

    Chose the MSI Geforce GTX 1660 super over the radeon. Could not be happier easy to set up, update and tweak. Looks great on the MSI board

  41. Harold I.

    i love its looks and it gave great performance,hs pretty good cooling and also the shiping was great

  42. Noah W.

    Very nice graphics card works great no problems. Id buy again

  43. Limp R.

    Perfect budget card
    This thing is awesome especially the quiet fans. They only run when it reaches a certain temperature.

  44. Nesh G.

    As a first person shooter gamer, updating to this graphics card has done wonders! The image and gameplay is incredible! Excellent product!

  45. Willy G.

    what I expected, good quality. Perfect what I needed. I would definitely recommend it.

  46. Jernst T.

    Great graphics card!!
    The MSI GTX 1660 super is the best GPU under the 20 series.

  47. Devon K.

    Exactly as described, met all expectations perfect for my build

  48. Henry D.

    Great job, fast service.

  49. Rolinian R.

    Great gpu for any first time pc builders.
    This gpu is easy to use and they quality speaks for itself. Not only is the quality impressive but for such a low price you get more than what you pay for

  50. Rick D.

    It was exactly what I ordered. I am satisfied with the purchase.
    Great midrange gpu 10/10 would buy again.

  51. Teo C.

    Hard working and amazingly quiet. Would buy again.

  52. Michael T.

    Pros: In Budget

    Cons: –

    Overall Review: Excellent, Well Designed

  53. Matew F.

    Fantastic card for the money.

    Pros: Tasteful RGB lighting.
    Quality build.
    Aesthetically pleasing backplate
    Runs any game just fine on ultra.

    Cons: None

  54. Ron M.

    Was not only helpful and supportive in finding what would work for me, he helped me troubleshoot it after it arrived. Great prices, very personal customer service.

  55. Ron L.

    Shipping was quick. Everything as it should.

  56. Carlos F.

    Absolutely wonderful

    Pros: Beautiful card, beautiful performance.
    Overclocked it +200/+500 straight out of the box, and it has stayed stable without any hiccups.
    Best card you can buy if you are only gaming in 1080p
    Works perfectly in my build. 64gb 3200 DDR 4, Ryzen 3700x, MSI x570 Gaming Edge Wifi mobo.

    Cons: I didn’t get an MSI sticker with mobo, OR GPU. Depressing.

    Overall Review: Absolutely get this card for 1080p gaming.

  57. Alan F.

    Great value.

    Pros: – easily drive multiple 4k monitors for everyday use, smoothly
    – quiet when not in use
    – 4k and 2k gaming
    – AMD, ’cause who doesn’t like the underdog
    – flawless Linux support (with open source driver)

    Cons: –

  58. Nicholas J.

    Great Budget Gaming Card.
    Pros: Excellent bang for the buck.
    8Gb of memory is nice in a low priced card.
    Perfect for 1080p gaming.
    VR capable at a reasonable price.

  59. Kyle M.

    Outstanding product with a price to match!
    Overall Review: Would recommend to those building a PC on a low to mid-range budget.

  60. Amalio H.

    The best service you can ask for, fast and efficient.

  61. Tobin V.

    Good card; Received Much Earlier Than Expected

    Overall Review: The card performance is solid. Would recommend.

  62. Royse R.


    Pros: Is good and beauty

    Cons: Non for me

  63. Travis Y.

    Fantastic performance, with annoying choice for RGB software.

    Pros: Everything regarding performance! The cards stays cool and quiet while tearing through games at 1080p without a problem. Well over 60 FPS (closer to 90) in everything. All most perfect 1080p card with killer cooler, and a great brushed aluminum back plate.

    Cons: To control the RGB you have to use MSI Dragon Center, you can’t use the stand alone Mystic Lights. No reason for that other then to get people to use Dragon Center which comes with software I don’t want or need. Without Dragon Center the card simply stays in Rainbow mode. So I will be disconnection the RGB header in the card. Dragon Center maybe good for some people, but MSI should just have a simply stand alone program just for the RGB.

    Overall Review: Overall, the card is great. Would have given a 5 out of 5 and said it was the perfect 1080p card if not for the whole RGB issue.

  64. Jesse E.

    Pros: -Very quiet, looks great, works great, a worthwhile purchase
    -RGB is easy to use and set up

    Cons: -Haven’t found any so far

    Overall Review: -I would absolutely recommend anyone looking for a cool looking, great and powerful graphics card at such a good price

  65. Ariel M.

    Could Be Better

    Pros: Very Stable. Works with every game I tested and had no issues at all.

    Cons: Why does it have only 6GB of VRAM instead of 8GB…no clue. This is Nvidia going cheap instead of going all the way. 8GB was pretty standard fair when the RX 500 series came out for AMD…and then there is this thing…Perpetually hobbled in one form or another by an incomplete spec.


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